The members of the Board of Directors for HOC Associates, Inc. are current or prior members of the Home of Christ church and/or supported ministries or missions.


HOC Associates, Inc. was formed under the California Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law to operate exclusively for the benefit of, to support the functions of, and to support the purposes of The Home of Christ Church as well as religious, Christ-centered ministries and missions.  No part of the net earnings, properties, or assets of this corporation shall inure to the benefit of any private person, individual, member or director of this corporation.

The members of the Board of Directors will contribute their services for seven-year terms for the purposes of:

  • Knowing and responding to the goals of the Home of Christ church and short- and long-term ministries and missions;
  • Accepting gifts in various forms and designations;
  • Effectively managing investments;
  • Acting as trustees to ongoing trusts created by donors and distributing these trusts;
  • Planning and investigating opportunities for acquisition of, improvement of, and continuing management
  • of properties;
  • Maintaining support funds for long-term ministries and missions;
  • Maintaining support funds for youth ministries,
  • Maintaining support funds for education ministries, and
  • Providing information and assistance to potential donors.

HOC Associates, Inc. – Giving Activities

HOC Associates, Inc. offers alternatives for giving which extend beyond annual church giving, for example:

  • Real property and other income-producing property gifts;
  • Support fund gifts;
  • Charitable remainder unitrusts, annuity trusts and other gifts using trusts;
  • Deferred and tax-planned giving; and
  • Giving through use of life insurance products.

HOC Associates, Inc. is active in property acquisition, improvement and long-term management for manses and facilities. HOC Associates, Inc. will administer gifts of assets intended for support of The Home of Christ and Christ-centered ministries and missions.

We are called to magnify God and glorify Him, to lead people to Jesus and membership in his family, to play a role in nurturing them to Christlike maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and mission in the world.